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You are now an official Rail Visioner!

A group of men are walking down a hallway. Three men walking in a corridor, smiling and engaging in a casual conversation.

It's day 1​

Before starting your first day, why not take a moment to get to know your new colleagues and have a wander around the office? It's a great way to get familiar with the layout and all the resources available to you.

You are about to meet . . .


Dorit Ozi

A woman with curly hair smiling in front of a building.


Michal Deligadish
Office Manager

A woman smiling in front of a window.


Zachi Bar-Yehoshua

A man is taking a selfie in his office.


Ilan Korin
IT Manager

A bearded man wearing glasses and a polo shirt.

11:00 on July 11th

Orit Amar- Bochkovski

A woman in a black top is taking a selfie.

16:00 on July 11th

Orly Doron
Director of HR

A woman with long blonde hair and bangs is wearing a navy blue top and looking directly at the camera. The background is blurred.

10:00 on July 14th

Noam Shloper
Head of Projects & QA

15:30on July 15th

Amit Klir

A bald man wearing glasses and a blue shirt.

10:00 on July 16th

Uri Naftali
Procurment, Import, Export

10:00 on July 17th

Ofer Naveh

A man in a black shirt is taking a selfie in front of a computer.

10:00 on July 18th

Amos Bar-Zeev
Marketing Manager

Man in high visibility vest taking a selfie in a train maintenance facility.

11:00 on July 21th

Adam Goren
Mechanics - Manager

A man with dark hair and sunglasses on his head takes a selfie on a hiking trail with mountains and a clear blue sky in the background.

10:30on July 23th

Clive Nisdelsky
Field Test & Integration

A bald man with a gray beard and mustache smiles at the camera, wearing a gray shirt and a necklace.

10:30 on July 24th

Amnon Paz
Software Group Manager

A man with a beard and mustache is posing with a concerned expression in a dimly lit indoor setting.

15:00 on July 25th

Ofir Karni
Algorithms Engineer

Bearded man wearing glasses seen in front of a building with a dome.

11:00 on July 25th

Ami Boker
Lab Manager

10:00 on July 28th

Omri Bohadana
System Engineer

A man with wavy brown hair and a beard is sitting at a desk, smiling at the camera. A computer monitor and papers are visible in the background.

10:00 on July 28th

Sharon Bason
System Engineer & Sensors TL

Person with no image

15:00 on July 29th

Lidor Horovitz
QA Team Leader

A person wearing a headset sits at a desk with multiple laptops and electronic equipment outdoors, with trees in the background.