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Pioneering the railway industry

intelligence on track.

Rail Vision provides the railway industry with advanced vision sensor technology using engineering, big data, and AI.

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Safety by design

Our technology is designed for trust, ensuring operational efficiency and safety for operators, drivers, and railway workers. With advanced sensors, AI, and real-time data analysis, our solutions offer unmatched situational awareness, detecting hazards and mitigating risks.

We continuously invest in research and development to enhance performance and reliability of our systems, adapting to the evolving needs of the rail industry.

Detection range up to


Real-time visual and acoustic alerts


Ensuring business continuity

Our advanced sensor technology ensures safe and efficient train operations, enabling seamless business continuity and cost efficiency for our customers in the railway industry.

Real-time monitoring and analysis detect potential issues proactively, minimizing downtime and optimizing maintenance planning. Our solutions prioritize safety, reliability, and uninterrupted service for optimal resource utilization.


One step ahead

Our technology minimizes disruptions in railway operations by proactively detecting and managing risks, enabling swift responses to threats and incidents. With automatic obstacle detection and classification, we help you stay ahead, mitigating potential disruptions.

Count on us to empower your railway operations with intelligent and proactive measures that keep you ahead of any challenge.

Automatic obstacle detection and classification systems

where rail
meets vision


Effortless operation

Our systems come with RVOS, a straightforward operational system for zero effort operations.

Clear & Simple up to 2km

Visual & Acoustic Alerts for enhanced safety

Precise & Reliable for 24/7 operations

Clear & Simple up to 2km

The system streams a live video feed, allowing operators to see with unmatched view. This intuitive, hands-free interface empowers them to make precise decisions at the pivotal moment. Step into the future of efficiency and confidence, where you not only find answers but also draw inspiration. Your vision, our innovation. Together, we redefine what's possible.

Visual & Acoustic Alerts for enhanced safety

Harnessing both visual and acoustic cues, our system stands vigilantly by your side. Rest assured, in a world of constant change, we remain your steadfast beacon of assurance.

Precise & Reliable for 24/7 operations

With the seamless integration of advanced algorithms and AI, our system provides unparalleled synergy, operating a singular computer unit that has been meticulously engineered. Illuminate your path with unwavering reliability and precision.

Key Datapoints

49 PB

Analyzed data

1017 H

Run Time

1952 Mm


7095 OBJ

Obstacles detected

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Knorr - Bremse

The investment into Rail Vision is driven by a desire to save lives and costs. What puts Rail Vision ahead of the game right now is their use of artificial intelligence. They are much better at recognizing obstacles than anybody else, and this, combined with Knorr-Bremse's digitization strategy, shows us a clear pathway to grow opportunities in areas such as automatic train operation and beyond.

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