Shunting Yard System​

Features & Capabilities

Human Detection
Vehicle Detection
Braking Shoes Detection
Automatic Emergency Braking
Remote Control
End of Rail / Buffer
Switch State

Streamlining shunting yard operations, bringing safety to new levels

Until today, few innovations have been made to improve safety during shunting operations. Rail Vision’s Shunting Yard System is designed to significantly reduce the risks at the shunting yard, while streamlining operations and enhancing safety.
Automatic Obstacle Detection & Classification
Detects And Segments All Types Of Objects
Detects & classifies objects with a range of up to 200m
Increases safety
Customizable Scalability​
Driver Assistant Early Warning System – With Audio And Visual Alerts
Withstands Vibrations And Shock, Operates In Harsh Weather And Light Conditions
Integrates With Existing Sub Systems
Option To Be Remotely Controlled
Visual & thermic pathfinder
Visual & thermic pathfinder
Rail Vision system mounted on locomotive

Detection and classification up to 200m in all weather conditions

Rail Vision’s Shunting Yard System improves efficiency with cutting-edge technology that combines advanced vision sensors with artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies, to automatically detect and classify objects within a range of up to 200m, regardless of weather and light conditions.

In addition, it ensures a safe and secure environment by monitoring operational dead zones to help secure wagon coupling and sending real-time visual and acoustic alerts to remote operators and drivers.

Unique pathfinder technology

With its one-of-a-kind pathfinder technology, the Shunting Yard System can detect switch states to support the execution of coupling from a remote position, making shunting yards safer. Shunting yard workers can quickly and easily use and integrate our solution, saving time and increasing efficiency.

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About Rail Vision

In today’s increasingly complex rail industry, Rail Vision provides an extra level of safety, security and performance with visibility at distances far beyond the reach of the human eye. Using advanced obstacle detection & classification technology, Rail Vision detects objects on and along the tracks from a distance in real time and under most weather and light conditions – paving the way to a safer, more efficient rail future.

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