streamlining switching yard operations

Rail Vision’s unique shunting yard solution enables railway operators to safeguard and streamline their shunting operations. Combining advanced vision sensors with deep learning technologies, the solution automatically detects and classifies objects within a 200-meter range – at all times of day and in all weather conditions. In addition, the solution delivers visual warnings to operators or drivers based on customer needs to ensure a safe and secure environment, while improving operational efficiency.

Anchored by vision sensors mounted on the locomotive, the system monitors the shunting yard for any obstacle. Immediately upon detecting an on- or along-track object – from a wagon or brake shoe to a human being or animal – the solution sends a real-time critical alert to remote operators and drivers. This, in turn, enhances situational awareness and braking response time, thereby preventing injuries and damages while minimizing railway downtime.

Features & Capabilities

Humans Detection icon

Humans Detection

Braking Shoes Detection

Vehicles Detection

Signalling + Assignment to track



Switch State

End of Rail / Buffer

Automatic Emergency Braking

Remote Control

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